Sir Magic Mushroom - a polite gentleman with pink slicked back hair, a rocking mustache, trimmed goaty who is standing in a field of magic mushrooms

Name of Character: Sir Magic Mushroom

This guy has been knighted and is an all round gentleman from the old town of Susex.

His special nature allows him to grow magic mushrooms from his body.

But beware not to touch him as his mushrooms will start to grow on you too.

The only way to get rid of them is to get hand picked by farm pickers.

Sir Magic MushroomGolly Gosh Old Chap
Steady On Old Bean

Chubba Chomp - a crazy space alien with swiss cheese and a green worm growing out the top of his head

Name of Character: Chubba Chomp

The crazy famgs on this alien are out of this world.

Able to bit though foot long candy canes with a single nibble.

He is also able to hang of high wires with just his jaws.

At RagRog we use him to open up all of our bottle tops and tin can tops.

Chubba ChompFeed Me A Can!

Space Cat - a cool looking cat with a big eye ball on the end of its tail

Name of Character: Space Cat

Meow! The "Crazy Cat" will have you scared out of your mind.

He comes out late at night, peeping through your windows when you are asleep with his BIG Tail Eye Ball.

If you see him, stay still and don't blink. Make sure you have your flash light ready so you can quickly shine it in his eye.

This will scare him away! That crazy no good space cat. Get out of here. Scat.

Space CatPrrr Meowwww!

Grave Yard Man - a scary green zombie crawling out of a grave who has one arm and one tenticle

Name of Character: Graveyard Man

The 'Graveyard Man' Cartoon Creature Character comes out in the dead of the night looking for something crunchy and munchy to eat. Maybe some bones, skulls or how about some brains... MMMMM!

Try not to make too much noise at night or he might pay you a visit. Eeeek.

Graveyard ManHungry For Brains

Froggy - a green frog with hot pink eye lashes and a big pink tounge splatted flat on a wall

Name of Character: Froggy

Just grab froggy, squish her and then throw her at the wall, roof or any flat surface. Watch out for the SPLAT!

This is a Froggy who is a flat squished froggy with long pink eye lashes.

Froggy also likes to jump off things and land face first to make a squishy pop.

He just keeps getting back up and does it again. It is his favourite thing to do other than eating big juicy flies. Yummy!

If you like Froggy... why not feed him a juicy big blow fly.

FroggyPlease Squeeze Me

Tongue Fish - a golden scaled piranha like fish with a snake tounge and big googly eye balls

Name of Character: Tongue Fish

This creature is the NEW Evolution of fresh fish. This new species has a Fish as a Mummy and a Rattle Snake as a Dad.

Each of the scales is made of Pure Gold and worth $10,000 each.

But if you try and pull one off... you might get a nasty bite.

If you get bitten, the only way to get rid of the poison is to eat 1 jar of pickeled eggs, 1 bucket of brussell sprouts and 2 old choakos... yuk!

Tongue Fish$200 Dollars A Scale