Cheese Cow - a crazy half block of swiss cheese with a pink cow head growing a set of big pink horns and some side burns as well as six big eyes

Name of Character: Cheese Cow

This is the tastiest, most exclusive and delicious cheese in all the world.

This cow can see in all directions, so if you try and take a bite of his cheese you will get your hand or head bitten off.

You can only have a taste once you have answered the forbidden riddle.

Cheese CowWhat Do You Get When
You Cross A Cow
And A Cheese?

Square Head Boy - a boy with green square hair, a sharp jaw line and a two day growth plus six green worms looking at him

Name of Character: Square Head Boy

This is the NEW fashion style sweeping the planet and hollywood... "Square Hair Cuts".

This young boy gets his head pressed in a box machine every morning and he comes out with square hair.

A side effect to this look is you get a chiseled head and jaw line.

To top it all off big white sparkly glitter star sprinkles are woven into your golden locks.

People come from all over the globe wanting to get this fresh exclusive HOT look.

Even worms love this new look and dig their way up out of the ground to see what the fuss is with their own googly worm eyes.

One worm said "This hair cut is truly amazing. I wish I had some hair. Very jealous! Maybe they could just squeeze my head."

Don't forget, you saw it first right here at RagRog.

Square Head BoyStare If You Must

Man Mum - a grumpy old man with pink curlers in his hair and a big pink dummy in his mouth

Name of Character: Man Mum

This is our famous 'Man Mum' Dummy RagRog Freak Character. Half Man... Half Mum... & Little Bit Baby!

Man Mum is a crazy looking dude / dudete with big pink lips and pink hair with curlers. This ManShe also has light blue eyes with deep sharp wrinkles. Not very pretty.

Man Mum has no body just a big head. Man Mum just floats around RagRog all day long looking for someone to go on a picnic with. Man Mum loves eating chicken feathers and loves to drink 2 day old sock water, but it can't be cold.

Man MumDon't Be A Chicken!

Ooh Face - a cute little kid with a big pink hair style and nice blue eyes that sparkle

Name of Character: Ooh Face

It does not matter what you show this "Cute Crazy Gal"... she will be very suprised and amazed.

Even watching grass grow is something spectacular and a wonder of amazement! Her nick name is Tooty Fruity Snappy Snooty!

Ooh FaceYou Don't Say!

Ping Pong - a transgender character with a pink afro, hot pink outfit and red high heels doing a superb dance move on stage

Name of Character: Ping Pong "The Pink Puffster"

Straight from sell out performances throughout RagRog, with 7 Pink Banana Awards to her name, Starlet of the Box Office hit movie "Tap Dance Drongos"... Please welcome on stage, by popular demand, the one and only "PingPong" the dancing and singing French Pink Puffster.

PingPong loves to dance, the only thing wrong is that she does not stop dancing. PingPong dances in the streets of RagRog, in the shower, on the bed, on the merry-go-round, under the moo cow... everywhere.

The only time PingPong stops dancing is when she is asleep and even then she sleep dances.

Ping PongBreak A Leg!