Strawberry Jam Monster - a big mean strawberry with one eye, one telescopic eye, one pink slobbery tounge, one hairy foot and a little pig tail

Name of Character: Strawberry Jam Monster

From the beginning of time this monster has eaten his own kind. I would call him a canibal.

Not only he eats strawberry jam... he also makes his own by stepping on little cute baby strawbs. It's so sad to see those cute little berries go smush!

Strawberry JamI Will Crush You!

Ragdoll - a scary hand made doll with dread locks for hair and buttons for eyes, she is wearing a cloth dress, mittens and old sticky socks

Name of Character: Ragdoll

This scary doll has voodoo magic and could also possibly be possessed by bug and insect demons.

Every where she goes she is followed by bugs, flies, snails and any creepy crawly that walks on the planet.

She pretends she is lost and just lies around the place but really she is following you ready to slap you with her grubby mittens.

But don't look into her button eyes, because she will catch you and make you smell her stinky socks... eewww.

RagdollMummy Said You Are
In Big Trouble

Space Man - a monster with a big grey rock head, lean muscles, steel rods for hair and a set of juicy big red lips

Name of Character: Space Man "Boinggo"

This is the one and only 'Original' RagRog Monster Character from the beginning of time.

He has a big grey head and big red juicy lips.

His name is "Boinggo" because he has really rubbery legs with lots of muscle. This means he can jump really high and climb trees and swing from vines. I think his mummy was a monkey.

Boinggo does not like to wear shoes and his feet are so tuff they are like leather. He can walk barefoot on rocks, coral, cabbages, milk cartons, pencils and even charcoal... wow.

If you like Boinggo... why not jump up and down and swing from the nearest tree.

He is really friendly, but just don't stare at his BIG Head or he might give you a wet willy. Hee Hee.

Space ManOne Wet Willy
Coming Your Way

Little Sister - a little girl with dark red hair, sporting huge muscles, wearing a yellow flowery crop top, soft yellow socks and a nappy

Name of Character: Little Sister

This young little girl has been lifting weights since she was 2 years of age. She is now 5 years old and cute as a button.

She is very large and strong for her age. If you need any heavy lifting done Moo Moo is always willing to help.

Her nick name is "Little Sister" but her real name is "Moo Moo".

Moo Moo loves to stroll around while carrying around a little blanky and a little teddy bear looking for Squishies. Ooh how she loves to squish Squishies.

They are found early in the morning or late in the afternoon near pretty flowers. Squishes come out to play with the catapillars who are munching on the flowers. Squishies turn the catapillars over and bounce up and down on their belly tummies.

While the Squishies are laughing and playing and not paying attention, Moo Moo sneaks up on them, grabs them and gives them a squish. You have to sneak up on them because Squishies are very fast and easily spooked and if they see you they will bounce away.

Squishies don't get hurt when they get squished because they are made of jelly.

If you like Moo Moo... why not give her a kiss!

Little SisterWanna Suck On My Dummy?

Goldo Roboto - a golden orange robot head from space with slanty red eyes, flat top head and pointy sharp ears

Name of Character: Goldo Roboto

Goldo comes from a far away planet called "Bubix 9/666". This is a lonely and creepy planet full of aliens from all over the Galaxy.

The true native monsters that live there have no body, legs or arms... just a BIG Golden Head with BIG jooba lips!

How they love to smack those lips together and pucker up for a sloppy kissy wissy. Oohh Yuk.

Make sure you wear your ear muffs, because when they pucker up for a sloppy jaloppy, the noise will give you the heebie jeebies. Aaahhh.

Their heads are hard like steel, but their lips are super soft, like rubbery jelly.

Goldo RobotoPuckur Up Big Boy

Shoe Lace Monster - a cute monster boy with light pink skin, yellow eyes, grey hair, seven tenticles for legs carrying a flag, boot and a green worm

Name of Character: Growby Snozburger the "Shoe Lace Monster"

This monster is very cheeky and naughty. Ever wondered why your shoe laces go missing? Now you know.

Growby will sneak around your shoes and steal the nicest shoe laces to add to his collection.

The collection is now the Biggest in the world. The last count was over 10,000 pairs of shoe laces!

But beware... if you do not have any nice laces laying around he will tie funny knots in your yukky ones, just for fun.

Growby SnozburgerWant A Slap In The Chops?