Hungry Foodie - a crazy mutant with bulging blood shot eyes, hairy nostrils, red blood stained lips and a huge wide open mouth with rotten teeth

Name of Character: Hungry Foodie

This guy is a gourmet food traveller, roaming around the world in search for the best street food.

He has tried everything from pigs eyes, bat wings, worm juice, rabbit tails, slug babies and even buffalo gizzards.

But his favorite food of all time is... human brains mixed with frog knuckles!

Hungry FoodieGive Me Something
To Eat Bro... Brains!

Worm Grabber - a mutant creature with wavey purple hair, a teal tongue, a tree trunk as a body and one massive arm holding a scared green worm with a yellow afro

Name of Character: Worm Grabber

This mutant from RagRog will blow your mind. Worms do not stand a chance with this crazy monster lurking around.

Too many worms have gone missing and something has to be done about it.

Call the police before it's too late for your worm population.

Worm GrabberI Have Worm
In My Eye!

Freaky Zombie Boy - a little green zombie boy with blue hair, bulging yellow eyes, dirty yellow teeth, dark green veins growing on the neck and a hook for a hand

Name of Character: Freaky Zombie Boy

This is the green 'Zombie Freaky Boy' one of the original RagRog Mutant Characters (Old School).

Freaky Zombie BoyYour Brains Look
Scrummy Yummy

Snaggle Tooth - a crazy mutant with golden wavey hair, only one ear, two small evil eyes and a set of jaws sitting sideways on his face

Name of Character: Snaggle Tooth (Frenzo)

Say hello to "Frenzo" who is one of RagRogs wildest mutant characters. Frenzo has a big wide skinny face, lovely golden hair, big toothy choppers, full red lips and with a mouth on the side.

Frenzo hangs on a wall in RagRog just outside the laughing house and when you walk past, he will tell you one of his many jokes.

If you give him a lolly pop he might even tell you a funny one.

Snaggle ToothWhy Did The Cow
Cross The Road?

Pepe Poodle - a cute yellow poodle mutant with fluffy ears and a fluffy three day growth

Name of Character: Pepe Poodle

Bonjour Mademoiselle and Monsieur... my name is Pepe from Paris, France.

I was born and bred in the sewers of Belleville and raised by a family of gutter rats.

It wasn't until I was 5 years of age I was found by a Pierre and sent to live with humans.

After years of training I am now a famous hair dresser to the stars. If you like I can give you a colour, wash or trim. What do you think?

Pepe PoodleYour Hair Looks Terrible